Movie Review – Red 2 (2013)

Red 2
Directed by Dean Parisot
Courtesy of Lionsgate
Release Date: November 26, 2013


There are very few sequels I’ve seen that can hold a candle to the original films. Most of these follow-up movies are lacking in some area, whether it’s story or script, or even a miscasting of the characters. But RED 2 does not fall anywhere into this category of part-two-hell. Instead, this sequel takes the franchise to another level. The result is a highly entertaining film full of laughs and rapid-fire action.

If you are not familiar with RED 2, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Lionsgate:

Retired black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device. To succeed, they’ll need to survive assassins, terrorists and power-crazed government officials, all eager to get their hands on the superweapon.

I enjoyed the first RED a lot, as did my whole family. We liked how the humor was mixed skillfully with the action, which in turn made us laugh and even cringe in certain places. But RED 2 gives this and so much more. I can honestly say this is one of the few films that actually transcends its predecessor.

RED 2 is shot well and looks amazing onscreen. But two primary components make this movie a huge hit: the story and the acting. The plot is very interesting and is filled with twists and turns. But even so, my youngest (who is 10) did not have a problem following what was happening. The storyline is great and intricate, but it does not overwhelm the audience in the least.

The acting is also a huge plus for this film. Bruce Willis returns as the main hero, Frank Moses. And with him, as before, are John Malkovich, the enchanting Helen Mirren, and Mary-Louise Parker. But we are also treated to newcomers like Anthony Hopkins, Catharine Zeta-Jones and Byung-hun Lee. This star-studded ensemble blends perfectly onscreen, giving a cast that any filmmaker would sell his soul to work with.

RED 2 is a massive win for me and I hope director Dean Parisot considers making a third film; I would definitely give it a look. I recommend giving this one a shot, especially if you haven’t seen the first RED. I suggest getting both and making a night of them. RED is available now, while RED 2 will be released next week in a variety of formats.


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