Movie Review – Zombie Hunter (2013)

Zombie Hunter
Directed by K. King
Courtesy of Well Go USA
Release Date: October 8, 2013


If a movie boasts Danny Trejo on its cover, chances are I’ll give it a look. I’ve been a fan of the guy for a long time, going way back to 1995 when I first saw him in Robert Rodriguez’s DESPERADO. Since then, he’s been in some of my favorite movies. His latest release, ZOMBIE HUNTER, is not an excellent film, but it is entertaining and definitely worth watching.

If you are not familiar with ZOMBIE HUNTER, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Well Go USA:

When a street drug turns junkies into an army of mutant flesh-eaters, no hope is left – but one man remains. Hunter’s got nothing left but a beat-up Camero, a trunk full of guns and booze, and a vendetta.  He crashes into a small group of survivors, led by an ax-wielding priest named Jesus (Danny Trejo). They’re searching for the promised land – but does it even exist? They better pray for a miracle, because the zombies are hot on their heels. And the psychotic clown with a chainsaw? You don’t even wanna know.

This movie is a lot of fun, but you can’t go into it expecting a completely serious film. If you do, you will be disappointed. Instead, just take this one for what it is: a tongue-in-cheek zombie flick with loads of gore and cheesy dialogue.

ZOMBIE HUNTER is done well and looks good onscreen, although it does have some flaws here and there. I noticed a couple of continuity errors (for example, in one scene the main character is holding a knife; the shot cuts away and he does not have it in his hand anymore), but nothing that shoots down the credibility of the film as a whole. Just about every film has something wrong with it, so please do not take this as a reason not to watch.

The plot is interesting and moves at a nice pace, and the characters are a motley bunch that will make you smile. But there are two glaring issues with the film that kept bugging me. First is the gore. There’s plenty of it, and that’s a good thing…but almost all of it is computer generated. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but you can definitely tell the difference between CG and practical effects…and practical looks so much better and believable.

The second issue I have with ZOMBIE HUNTER is that **spoiler alert** the hulking mutant creatures are never explained or even speculated about. They look like something straight from RESIDENT EVIL, which is forgivable, but they were added into the film as almost an afterthought. A bit of explanation or even a theory or two by the characters would have been nice.

Still, ZOMBIE HUNTER is a fun jaunt into zombie territory and definitely worth a look. It’s always good to see Danny Trejo onscreen, even if his role is more of a cameo than anything. This film is available now in a variety of formats.


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