Graphic Novel Review – Judge Dredd: Trifecta (2013)

Judge Dredd: Trifecta
by Al Ewing, Simon Spurrier, Rob Williams, Simon Coleby, Henry Flint, D’Israeli & Carl Critchlow
Release Date: August 15, 2013
Publisher: 2000 AD Graphic Novels


I mentioned a few months ago that I had recently (at that time) gotten back into comics and graphic novels. I’m certainly still into them, although I have to confess that I’m still new to a few titles that I love. The Judge Dredd universe is one of those titles; from what I’ve seen, I’m a big fan…but I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s there. So when the fine folks over at 2000 AD graced me with a copy of JUDGE DREDD: TRIFECTA, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

If you are not familiar with JUDGE DREDD: TRIFECTA, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of 2000 AD:

MEGA-CITY ONE, 2134 AD. While a severely depleted Justice Department struggles to cope in the aftermath of Chaos Day, Judge Dredd becomes aware of a potential power grab from within. Meanwhile ‘Wally Squad’ gumshoe Jack Point is given a mysterious doll to safeguard, and Dirty Frank wakes up on Luna-1 only to discover that he is now a board member of Overdrive Inc.!
It’s business as (un)usual for the three Mega-City One lawmen, and as their cases intertwine they’ll need to work together in order to save the city from total destruction!

As a self-proclaimed geek, I am chagrined to admit that I had never really read Dredd prior to my adulthood life. Because of this, as I mentioned above, I’m obviously out of the loop on certain things. For example, Jack Point is a new(er) character to me. But I really enjoy his storyline, and I find it interesting how he can be a key character in Dredd’s universe AND be intertwined with the story at large.

JUDGE DREDD: TRIFECTA is written very well and the storyline flows at a nice clip. The illustrations are nicely done and look great. The plot is in-depth but engaging, and it never gets stale. In short, you can’t ask for much more in a comic.

I highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys comics or simply a good, futuristic yet brutal story. TRIFECTA delivers the goods when it comes to Judge Dredd, and I will definitely be visiting this universe again. This graphic novel is available now, so check it out.


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