Movie Review – Storage 24 (2013)

Storage 24
Directed by Johannes Roberts
Courtesy of Magnet Releasing
Release Date: March 12, 2013


If you know me, you know that I’m a sucker for a good creature-feature. If a movie has any kind of monster or alien in it, chances are that I’ll give it a look. I love to see just how original effects-artists can be these days (or, in some cases, just how much they can take from other artists’ ideas). Not to mention, creature-features usually come with a nice dose of suspense as well. With STORAGE 24, we get a nice combination of both and, while it’s not perfect, it is certainly entertaining to watch.

If you are not familiar with STORAGE 24, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Magnet Releasing:

London is in chaos after a military cargo plane crashes, leaving its highly classified contents strewn across the city. Completely unaware that London is on lockdown, exes Charlie and Shelley,accompanied by best friends Mark and Nikki, are trapped in the Storage 24 facility – a dark maze of endless corridors – with a mysterious predator hunting them one by one.

When talking about this sub-genre of horror, I have to note that I LOVE alien flicks the most out of all creature-feature films. There’s just something about their unknown origins and how anything about them could potentially kill us that pulls me in. Call me weird, I know…but I will never get tired of them (I hope).

As for STORAGE 24, I have to give major credit to actor/writer Noel Clarke. I enjoyed him in Doctor Who, so when I saw that he was in this film, I knew I had to give it a look. And later, when I found out he wrote it, I was like “Wow…talk about talent!” As I mentioned, this film isn’t perfect, but it’s fun, and that’s what counts.

The film is shot well and looks good overall on-screen. There are a wide variety of interesting shots for being set in a storage facility, although I will have to admit that I’ve never seen a storage unit this large before. But the production team does a great job of inventing new angles in which to view its interior.

The acting is good and the special effects are pretty well done, although my major complaint is how the effects team made the creature’s mouth CG instead of using practical effects. Unless you are Neil Blomkamp or have enough of a budget to hire Industrial Light & Magic, using CG for a creature or part of a creature simply does not look good. It’s either too cartoonish or it’s sometimes out of place in the shot (thanks to the physical parts of the creature moving on film).

In STORAGE 24, the CG is good, but it certainly could have been better. What really wins this film for me, however, is the suspense. Even though there are a couple of eyebrow-raising getaways, the tension within the film is high and sometimes becomes downright nail-biting at times.

All in all, I give STORAGE 24 a thumbs up and suggest you check it out if you’re in the mood for something besides slasher-horror. I enjoyed this one and hope to see more of director Johannes Roberts’ work soon.


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