Movie Review – Last Kind Words (2013)

Last Kind Words
Directed by Kevin Barker
Courtesy of RLJ Entertainment
Release Date: May 21, 2013


I have to be honest: I had never heard of LAST KIND WORDS before I found it in my mailbox. But sometimes, that is the best way to watch a film…if you go into it with no prior knowledge, then you won’t take any preconceived notions with you. That’s exactly what I did with this film; I didn’t even read the cover or the press release before I watched it. And I’m glad, too…this is an excellent film, and it was a nice surprise!

If you are not familiar with LAST KIND WORDS, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of the RLJ Entertainment press release:

17-year-old Eli has just moved with his family deep into the backwoods of Kentucky to work on the isolated farm of the town recluse, Waylon. Inexplicably drawn into the strange forest that lies beyond the farm, Eli encounters Amanda, a beautiful, mysterious girl who captivates him, body and soul. But when Eli discovers decaying bodies hanging from the trees, he realizes that both the forest and Amanda are harboring some very dark secrets. Suddenly, Eli is living in a waking nightmare where the lines between life and death are scrawled in blood, betrayal and terror from beyond the grave.

This film is striking on several levels. It is visually appealing, the acting is superb, and the story itself is riveting and original. You really can’t ask for much more in a movie.

LAST KIND WORDS is shot very well, and I have to tip my hat to the cinematographer. There are many haunting shots in this film, and they add greatly to the suspense and the drama. I would even go so far as to say it is some of the best cinematography I’ve seen this year.

The film has a simplistic feel to it, which is as it should be for a rural Kentucky setting. But it also has a bleak and vivid sense to it as well; Eli’s family life is less than desirable thanks to his father, and this enlivens the drama amidst the tension of the plot.

The story of LAST KIND WORDS is the true winner in the film for me, however. It is a unique ghost story of sorts, and it’s final images will linger in your mind for a while after the credits roll. I particularly like how we, as the audience, realize things are not as they seem…but in a different manner than expected. This is very good storytelling.

If I were forced to find a negative with this film, I don’t think I could. It looks great, it’s made well, and it entertains. This is truly a fun and chilling film. It hits shelves next week, so make a note to give it a look.


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