Book Review – The Lurkers by Kristopher Rufty (2012)

The Lurkers
by Kristopher Rufty
Release Date: December 4, 2012
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

The Lurkers

Back in February, I reviewed an excellent novel from Kristopher Rufty titled A DARK AUTUMN (click here to read that review). I mentioned in the review that I tore through the book in a single day because it was that good. I can almost make the same claim for THE LURKERS; it is even better than the prior book, however this one took me a total of three days to read. Why? Well, it is considerably longer…

If you are not familiar with THE LURKERS, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Samhain Publishing:

They’ve lived in the woods and cornfields for as long as anyone can remember. Small, humanoid creatures with sharp teeth and grasping hands. The people in what’s left of the nearby town live in fear. They’ve learned that if they let the creatures take what they want, they won’t be attacked. An uneasy peace has reigned. But no more. The leader of the creatures has decided his kind will be dormant no longer. To survive, they must kill. They will satisfy their unholy hunger with their favorite prey—humans. But some humans—females—will be kept alive in captivity…to breed.

I knew from the moment I read the plot synopsis that this was a Must Read for me. And I’m damn glad I read it. Rufty goes to great lengths to entertain in this book, and the results are a thrill-ride of epic proportions. I enjoyed this book so much that I e-mailed Mr. Rufty and asked him to write a sequel.

As with his previous book, THE LURKERS is written well with simple prose and flowing dialogue. I again have to compliment Rufty on his ability to convey so much with simple sentences and modest descriptions. The author lets his characters do the talking, so to speak, and this allows for a much more pleasant reading experience.

The concept behind this book is the true winner, though. The idea of small, humanoid creatures that have existed alongside us without our knowing is a lot of fun…not to mention the terror that ensues for those unfortunate folks that stumble across them. Rufty builds a unique mythology behind the Haunchies (as the creatures are called) and fleshes them out to believable proportions.

I highly recommend THE LURKERS and suggest you check it out soon. You have to be careful, though: after reading this book, you might never want to walk into the woods again. Give it a look for sure.


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