Movie Review – Snow Shark (2011)

Snow Shark
Directed by Sam Qualiana
Courtesy of Independent Entertainment
Original Release Date: 2011
Release Date: February 19, 2013


It’s been a while, but I finally found another movie that sucks so bad that it’s actually good. Yes, it’s SNOW SHARK, and you can tell by the title that this film is very, um, interesting. Seriously, though, director Sam Qualiana gives a great effort in this low-budget horror flick, but unfortunately the subject matter and execution come off as way too campy to take seriously.

If you are not familiar with SNOW SHARK, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Independent Entertainment:

In 1999, a team of animal biologists investigating a rash of wildlife killings disappeared in the lonely woods near a small town. Years later, a local resident claims to have killed a prehistoric carnivorous creature living in the snow. Now, someone – or something – is making lunch of the locals. As curiosity-seekers and crypto zoologists descend on the small town, drawn by the legend of the Snow Shark, Mark – sole survivor of an earlier attack – leads an armed and dangerous posse into a deadly battle. Dive into Snow Shark, the outrageous and spine-tingling tale of the world’s greatest predator, frozen for thousands of years, freed by an earthquake, and really, really hungry.

I wish I could have been in the room when the concept for SNOW SHARK was developed. I can just hear it now: “Hey, let’s do a movie about a shark…that swims on the land…or better yet, in the snow!” I’m not making fun, I’m dead serious; I’ll bet the production team had a blast fleshing out this idea.

This film is very low budget and it is very campy, however it has heart and some not-too-bad special effects. I actually enjoyed the film when I quit trying to take it seriously. If you go into this one without expecting much, you’ll probably enjoy it as well.

The cinematography in SNOW SHARK is ok, but the acting is quite bad. The bad acting is, however, one of the qualities that make it a “good” film. The cast strives to make the characters real, but they just don’t have the talent or the experience to do so; the lines come out flat and the emotions simply too fake. I found myself laughing quite a bit, even during the ‘intense’ scenes.

Surprisingly, the special effects didn’t look too bad. Let me change that a bit: the GORE special effects didn’t look too bad…the shark, on the other hand, was laughable. It simply looked too fake in most of the shots, however there was a single scene where a man is dangling halfway out of its mouth where it looks decent.

I am going to recommend SNOW SHARK, but only if you are looking for a good laugh. And even then, I imagine many of my readers will probably shut it off after 20 minutes or so. I would only give this one a look if you have some time to kill.


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