Movie Review – All Superheroes Must Die (2013)

All Superheroes Must Die
(a.k.a. VS.)
Directed by Jason Trost
Courtesy of Image Entertainment
Release Date: January 29, 2013


With the recent blockbuster success of THE AVENGERS, as well as the individual achievements of the titular characters, it’s no surprise that new superhero films are coming out nowadays. The movies that truly stand out, however, are those that bring something new to the table. ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE is a low-budget flick that entertains on the highest levels with a dark and gritty premise.

If you are not familiar with ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Image Entertainment:

Four masked avengers find themselves stripped of their powers by a cruel arch-nemesis they defeated years earlier…or so they thought. When the sinister mastermind puts the heroes through a series of brutal challenges that are virtually impossible to overcome, they must battle the clock – and even each other – in a race to stop a deadly countdown that could mean total destruction.

I’ve said this before about a few films, and I’ll say it again for this one: you have to go into this film with the right mindset, otherwise you’re not going to like it. As mentioned, this IS a low-budget film, so you cannot expect mind-blowing special effects or a multi-million dollar production budget. But the production team on ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE does an excellent job of utilizing the money they do have.

The film is shot well for the most part (there are a couple of over-shaky shots that could have been done better) and the set locations look great. What really surprises me about this film is the quality of the acting; it’s superb. Screen legend James Remar gives an outstanding performance as the villain Rickshaw, while Jason Trost, Lucas Till, and Sophie Merkley bring their heroes to vibrant life in their own roles. I especially enjoy seeing Lucas Till onscreen; he is a talented actor who I believe will go far in Hollywood.

The story that ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE presents is entertaining as well. There’s no flash and dazzle of superhero imagery here; instead, we get to see heroes that are on the other side of winning…the villain truly has the upper hand, and this time there’s no last-minute secret power or anything that can save them. I thoroughly enjoyed this take on the superhero genre and would love to see it explored further.

ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE is an absolute win for me and I recommend checking it out. Just make sure your expectations are in the proper place; if they are, you’re in for a heck of a ride. The film hits shelves next week, so give it a look.


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